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G-LADZ comes a cropper!!!!

G-LADZ_311009_001It’s not G-LADZ’s year having come a cropper whilst stood minding it’s own business at Sleap Airfield (EGCV) today. As can be seen by the picture, a Cessna ploughed into the side of it whilst it was stood waiting to be refuelled.

G-LADZ owners, and myself, were sat having a coffee in the lounge when the crash alarm was activated and we all instinctively went to look out of the window to see if all was O.K. – only to discover that LADZ had been unceremoniously assaulted without provocation. The elderly pilot of the Cessna had apparently applied full throttle whilst taxiing from the AVGAS pumps and had ploughed straight into the side of the Enstrom. Fortunately no-one was hurt and the RFFS team were on hand to ensure that there was no fire.

LADZ was parked in the designated JET A1 refuelling area but fortunately had not yet uplifted fuel (otherwise that would have been a waste of JET A1!!!). Regrettably there is a significant amount of damage to G-LADZ and whether it survives to tell the tale will remain to be seen. Either way it’s a terrible shame as it’s only just been released to service following it’s dramatic landing recently when the gearbox failed in flight.

Fortunately most of the LADZ boys have Jet Ranger ratings so I guess my machine will be seeing some more action. I’ll keep you all posted!!!

Safe landing for the lads in G-LADZ!!

g-ladz_01G-LADZ, my first chopper, was involved in a precautionary landing just south of Biggin Hill over the weekend after it suddenly developed severe vibration, accompanied by not very healthy sounding banging noises, whilst in the climb.

I wasn’t in the aircraft, an Enstrom 480, but three of my closest mates were and I’m obviously pleased to report that they got the machine down safely into a field.

LADZ had been on a continuation training exercise, navigating the London Heli Routes, with Steve and Mike (two of the owners) and JJ. They had completed one trip and then popped into a pre-arranged helicopter fly inĀ for lunch before setting out on their return trip. The lads had just received clearance from Thames radar to enter there area and were approximately 4 miles south of H4 (the route that takes them along the Thames river) when their problem presented itself. Continue reading


route1Today’s planned two ship trip to Conwy swung into action at 10:30. Steve H and I were to take G-LADZ and G-EWAW in formation down to the welsh coast. It was actually a trip that steve was doing with a friend, Darren, and his young son, Chris, but I gatecrashed with another of our pals Andy H who also owns a share in LADZ. Andy was going to keep me company on the way there and back. The destination was a private landing site set in approximateley 10 acres and was not likeley to present any challenging flying given the weather :-

EGCC 210920Z 27006KT 9999 FEW009 SCT020 07/05 Q1032 BECMG BKN014

EGOV 210850Z AUTO 27009KT 9999NDV // BKN025/// 07/05 Q1033

EGGP 210920Z 29012KT 9999 FEW024 SCT038 07/05 Q1032

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