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Refresher Day


It’s been a while since I did some continuation training with JJ so I scheduled a refresher day for Saturday.

The original plan was to conduct some bad weather training, but predictably the actual weather was different from the earlier mid week forecast. It was significantly better and to be honest, I was dis-appointed that it was so good!

I’d left the JetBox full of fuel on the pumps at Barton so we were ready to go at 10:00 after a briefing and a cup of tea. We transited down the Low Level Route with me on foggles so I could get a refresher on instruments. JJ and I were both pleased that I hadn’t lost the technique and although it was a touch ropey at first I got into the swing of things in the short distance from Barton to Thelwall. we terminated this section with an Practise Force Landing (on instruments) and then headed off towards Snowdonia for some pinnacle landings and valley flying.

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