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Blackpool illuminations at night!!

202055It’s been a short while since I flew at night so I arranged to do a trip with some pals and my other arf at night to include a trip up the Fylde coast to see the Blackpool illuminations.  Continue reading

Stanley House, Mellor, Lancashire

IMG_0051Recently I visited Stanley House in Mellor, Blackburn. The occasion was actually a re-union for couples who had married there, and as my other half and I qualified, we were invited to attend. As I fly anywhere that is more than 3.5NM away, it was obvious that I would be commuting there at 1,500′ (O.K. it was more like 300’AGL, but I have to say 1,500′ in case the CAA are reading! 🙂 ). Continue reading

Dodgy Torque meter !

G-EWAW Torquemeter 004I’ve been experiencing a problem with my Torque meter recently. It was an intermittent problem, but it needed rectifying all the same. Basically, it was impossible to keep it below 40PSI on run up, which it should easily have been capable of and, it would almost immediately begin to show 70PSI. Once in flight, it would read accurately, (more or less), but if you put the machine into auto, it wouldn’t read any less than 70 PSI so it was clearly not a happy bunny. Furthermore the needle would oscillate  rapidly between two narrow levels (e.g. 70psi – 71psi). Continue reading

Night Flight to Reading (not Night boat to Cairo!)

I had an early morning flight from Heathrow on Sunday but I wasn’t able to organise any sensibly timed connecting flights from\ to Manchester. This isn’t too much of a problem when you own a Jet Ranger so I decided that I would fly down south myself. My only slight concern was whether I would encounter early morning fog or some other poor weather on the morning of my transatlantic flight. Travelling down the day before and staying over night was to be the safest solution, but as I had loaned out the JetBox for the day, I was going to have to fly down at night. Continue reading

Private Landing Sites (and rip off landing fees)

G-EWAW at Swinton Park Hotel

G-EWAW at Swinton Park Hotel

I go all over the place and I try to land at to my actual destination rather than the nearest airfield. There’s little point and less fun otherwise! If I’ve got the choice of where my meeting might be held then I choose somewhere that will let me land and I hunt around until I find somewhere. I also make sure that there is no landing fee or a very small one. This is more on principal than anything to do with finance. (We’ll talk about this a bit later!)

I usually always manage to come up with somewhere to land which makes things nice and interesting. Here’s what I do. It’s definateley not rocket science but if my technique helps anyone then that’s a good thing. Continue reading

Just get on with it!!!

G-EWAW at the Devonshire ArmsI’ve flown every day for the last 10 days which has been great. I’ve been all over the country including trips up to Cumbria and down to Buckinghamshire twice. Along the way I’ve encountered some pretty poor weather but I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to get all my trips done safely with the minimum of delay. As I reported a few posts ago, I like to do lots of continuation training. Poor weather training plays a large part of that extra tuition.

Our weather system is shocking, and Manchester is particularly crap. If you believe the forecasts, I sincerely doubt any of us would ever fly. I find that the most important decision to take when flying in (or towards) poor weather/deteriorating conditions is when to actually give up and land. There is a strong argument that says that you shouldn’t begin the flight in the first place, but you really wouldn’t get airborne half the time and this was a particular gripe of mine. TAF’s/METARS would often containg Prob 30’s or TEMPO’s containing some real crud. Low cloud, poor vis, rain etc etc. I found myself postponing trips only to get to the end of the day and find that the weather had been perfectly (and safely) flyable. To me, Steve H and Mike B this was getting ridiculous and I hunted out someone who could teach us how to actually get going and critically get back (or at the very least down on the ground) safely. Continue reading

It’s Dave’s Fault!!!


I’m not one for apportioning blame, because it often achieves nothing, but today was Dave’s fault! It matters not, because we all got back safe and we had a laugh. But it was Dave’s fault!!

Let me explain…………

Continue reading